This is a creative design and branding studio.

Studio focused on and graphic design and visual aestethics. Concept oriented, the can sing provides guidance and advice to develop creative ideas. Seen through different perspectives, we offer companies the best project results, mainly emphasizing on aesthetics and the right communication. We have create more than 300 brands for different kinds of business or needs, individuals, among other concepts thar we have produced in the studio.

Stablished in 2011 in the city of Guayaquil we raise and expand brands. Mind-Focused on branding aesthetics and creative ideas for communication, we mastered in planning and digital solutions as well as creative campaigns and web developement for every single one of our clients. the can sing that refers to idea of being loud, joyful and positive every day at work. Which we love so much to do.

The Team

The team is composed of qualified and experienced professionals that loves to work on ideas so they can get developed based on our imagination and creativity. Our objective is to create bring great ideas and unique production for each of our clients. Exceed the expectations. Our customer succeed is our sucess. Every day we get motivated though out technologys development and new goals, the idea of changing what is stablished is always in our minds, and we are encouraged to make that happen.